About Us

We are Kim and Tracy, The Soul Sisters sharing our own special spiritual, authentic, holistic lifestyles, to help you develop your own personal happier, healthier and more loving daily life.

We try to focus on the things we love and enjoy, those things that make us smile and feel good or better in that moment.  We acknowledge that life isn't perfect (nor do we think it should be - balance is important...), we're not always happy and healthy but we're grateful for many things and doing what we can to make the world a better place for us all by sharing what we do for you to experience yourself.

We're not affiliated to or paid by anyone else and everything we promote has been personally tried and tested by either or both of us.  We really believe in doing what makes you and us happy based on our own experiences, as long as no harm comes of it.  Our honesty, integrity, morals, ethics, personal beliefs and gratitude are paramount to all that we do - if it doesn't sit well with us we don't and won't do it.


We first met in early 2014, when Tracy was a peed off publican needing a change and Kim was a stressed-out social worker looking for somewhere to host a new women's book club.  We chatted for ages on the phone and realising we had a lot in common, The Wild Women's Book Club was born.  Our first meeting was held in February 2014 and we're still going strong today!

We kind of lost touch when Tracy left the pub/Wigan a couple of years later but after moving back in January 2018, we reconnected just as Kim was launching The Happy Healer and making a move towards a more fulfilling life.  Tracy had since been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and could no longer work but offering to help Kim with her new website etc was just the boost we needed.  We were quickly advertising our first wellbeing day retreat, which sold out in a couple of days and The Soul Sisters naturally developed.

As always, life's a roller coaster and brings up some unexpected (and sometimes unwanted) surprises.  We went with the flow and tried many different things to bring our own unique brand of self-care to our community.  Things didn't work out as expected and we had a lot of heartache but we're still here, we've learned a lot, we're even stronger now and The Soul Sisters have been rejuvenated and reborn!

We're so happy and excited to bring our new (old) ideas back to life and more importantly, to share them with you.  Although we can't meet in person at the moment, some bonds can never be broken - by pandemics, people or anything else.

Never Forget, Loving Yourself Isn't Vanity, It's Sanity.

With all our love and best wishes,

Kim & Tracy

Your Soul Sisters!


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