Vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, sulphates free, preservative free, with no artificial ingredients and absolutely delicious!

By Luisas Vegan Chocolate


Luisa takes the chocolate through the artisan bean-to-bar process and pours hand-tempered casholate into our bespoke Christmas wreath moulds, which were designed by our local woodcarver and then made into an exact, beautiful mould shape. Luxuriously presented in a gift box and each is individually wrapped, making it a truly thoughtful gift.


This product is soy free, gluten free, contains no refined sugar, dairy-free, preservative free, sulphites free, and vegan, with absolutely no compromise on the exquisite taste.


What is casholate?

Luisa was frequently met with the issue that many of her vegan customers were unsatisfied with the current market of alternatives to milk and white chocolate, describing it as ‘meh’, which planted a seed in Luisa’s mind. After months of trial and error, brainstorming how she would make a mind-blowing alternative that tasted BETTER than the original, Lusia came up with the bingo idea: casholate.


The use of cashew nuts was an innovative and brilliant idea that had never been tried and tested before, and the reviews speak for themselves. As well as many vegans reporting the product as ‘out of this world’, it has also hit the spot for many non-vegans, who will ‘never return to normal milk chocolate again’.


All Luisas chocolates are made with 100% natural ingredients in line with the healthy Paleo diet, which can be enjoyed with the knowledge that the beans used are able to be traced back to their organic, natural farms. This direct trade ensures the farmers are paid a fair price to enable them to support their families and empower local communities, resulting in chocolate that is not only delicious to eat but ethically produced.


As a chocolate maker, Luisa then slowly roasts the beans, winnowing them to extract the cacao nibs. The crisp dark shells are then produced and filled with a range of indulgent natural ingredients using coconut sugar, coconut milk, Luisa’s own vegan caramel, sticky date, peanut butter, nuts and fruit. The chocolate making process starts by directly sourcing the finest cacoa beans, working closely with the farmers themselves.

Christmas Wreath Vegan Milk Chocolate (Casholate) Gift


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